unita-refugio-nbc-04-280NBC protection - shelter units for events Nuclear Bacteriological and Chemical

Our NBC shelter units are used when there are critical events such as a nuclear fallout, and chemical or biological contamination and ideal for areas richio terrorist attack.

The main caracteristics of our unit are:

  • ballistic armor
  • oxygenation system and internal cleaning of the atmosphere for 24 h in a closed cycle
  • ventilation system with filterNBC up to 5 days
  • self-contained up to 5 days
  • Local temperature controlled
  • Toilet closed loop
  • Sink for personal hygiene in a closed cycle
  • Shower (available in units from 40 feet
  • standard iso 20-40 feet units fomato
  • Custom units
  • Curiosity
  • What is Nuclear fallout

The fall-out of a nuclear explosion, also said fallout, is the material involved in the explosion, made radioactive and launched into the air up to the limit of the troposphere, 12 km altitude, which falls in the form of ash and dust.

The fallout of the material in the blast zone (primary fallout) starts within a few minutes with debris and heavier powders; the finer material thrown in the air is transported by the wind and starts to fall from one to two hours after (fallout secondary). The secondary fallout queue can stretch for tens of kilometers to the most powerful explosions; typically the radioactive material continues to drop for a time ranging from six to thirty hours. The shape and length of the secondary fallout tail depend greatly on the winds in the upper atmosphere. If the winds change direction with altitude, the tail can have a curved shape.

The first materials to reflux the most radioactive are also: the hazard of the material in relapse is maximum at the beginning of fallout and is attenuated with time as they decay radioactive isotopes with shorter half-life. After about 48 hours the level of radioactivity of the materials reaches a stable value, and ceases to decrease. Any survivors must then leave the area downwind explosion as quickly as possible, or otherwise seek shelter immediately, preferably an underground bunker in which to spend at least the next two days.