ATX SERIES Pressurized Substation

Certified EEX-P Group I for tunnelling with presence of methane. A Pressurized substation is defined as "having an internal overpressure housing EEx-pdia I 150°C", suitable for group I conditions and classified zones.

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SIERRA SERIES – up to 36KV Prefabricated Compact Substation

SIERRA II series, type tested prefabricated compact substation, suitable for secondary distribution. No costs for on site assembly and minimal civil engineering. The small profile makes SIERRA II easy to install discretely in sensitive locations. It guarantees an high level of personal safety.

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PAK SERIES – Reinforced Substation for Tunnelling

PAK series, medium voltage electrical mobile substation for tunnelling and mining installation, is a reinforced unit, that can be installed on a truck, skid mounted or placed on a wagon, for easy handling in the tunnel. Extremely robust and resistant to heavy mechanical stress, PAK substation can operate in extreme environmental conditions.

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DESERT SERIES – Containerized Substation for Desert

This prefabricated Substation can be used to supply quick and reliable energy in places where energy is not very accessible. It's a self contained and completely integrated unit designed for a specific purpose. It complies with local regulations concerning weight and dimensions for transportability and services, and for all specified conditions in respect of climate and electricity demand.

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