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From begining 2014, Pathros Representaciones S.A. is the WeWalter agent in Perú.

PathrosRep SAC is a Peruvian company with offices in Lima (Peru), started in 1989 offering quality and faithful compliance with their commercially represents companies from that date and import spare parts and equipment for the operation of the National Industry and Projects in the Areas of Mining, Power Plants Diesel, Oil, Cement Plants, Shipping Companies, Shipyards, Contractors for Civil Works and Construction, Civil Engineering Consultants and Construction, Airports, Navy, Ports, etc..

Currently representing Pathros companies allow them to integrate solutions offer your customers need for the completion of a project, or for continuous operation and a Safe Industries mentioned.

In the case of products manufactured by WeWalter, task, customer Area Big Contractors, is made easier because many of them have already acquired the Mining and Electrical Substation Shelters “OnSite” for its various projects successfully in different parts of the world (see List Experience in website www.pathrosrep.com) solutions are really high quality and certified who have moved their reliability and support to the crystallization of each work in a timely manner from this year will be present in Peru through Pathros.

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