Agent in Europe

We are looking for distributors in Europe. France, Spain, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and other European countries.

We need distributors (companies or agents) with market knowledge of great works of your region or country.

We think that our more interesting equipments for the Europe market are:

Containerized Transformer Substations

Our transformation cabins equipment are easy to transport because they are mounted on container structures that can have standard dimensions for containers transportation such as 20 or 40 feet.

Compact Transformer SubstationAll big works projects need transformation installations. The fact that they are mounted on container and they don’t need civil works has the following advantages:

  • Savings in the construction of civil works
  • Savings in construction by component assembly in workshop
  • Easy to customize following needed features
  • Engineering support from WeWalter during project step
  • Support during installation
  • Support for maintenance
  • Easy to transport
  • Reuse in subsequent works

Refuge Chamber for Tunnel and Gallery

Refuge ChamberOur refuge cabins are constructed by WeWalter in Italy as the client needs. Are adapted to the number of people and the endurance time needed for each situation.

Changing safety regulations has increased the use of refuge chambers that allow operators to be protected and rest during the first hours of an accident in tunnel or gallery.

Conclusion and what we expect

With this information you can get an idea of ​​our potential customers in your region or country.

If you or your company takes the first steps submitting WeWalter offers to your customers, you could become our exclusive distributor for your region or country.

It’s in your hands. Contact me by filling out the form below.


Jaume Garcia
Commercial Department

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