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WE Walter offers turnkey solutions to live anywhere with all comforts in an authentic solution complete and habitable according to Italian and European regulations.

Do you have land and want to build on?
Do you want a design house to break the monotony of work in a dream place?
Do you want to build a hotel with luxury suites, eco-friendly just in a bit?
Do you want to communicate in an innovative way bringing your brand and your product among people in squares, shopping centres?

With We Walter Home Container you have a lot of opportunities…… buy and lean on the ground!

Main features of each housing unit:

  • long-lasting technical solutions;

  • from arctic to tropical and brackish environments.

  • modular units of 6 meters.

  • units of 9 and 12 meters.

  • all living modules are trasportable

  • standard ISO length and width.