PAK-exp Series

USE: Certified EXX-P Gropu I Pressurized Substation
ENVIRONEMENT INSTALLATIONS: tunneling, coal mines, petrol chemical

Totally customizable

  • Pressurized substation,“internal overpressure housing EEx-pdia I 150°C”, suitable for group I (coal mines with presence of firedamp) and classified area for zones C1ZO – C1Z1 – C1Z2 – C1ZR.

    PAK-exp series have been developed in two different design:

    • design Eex_p I (group I) for underground applications with presence of firedamp (CH4).
    • design Eex_p II (group II) for petrol chemical applications.

    The difference is the Eex_d box in which are installed instruments for purging and pressurization control.