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Safety and Security Tag System


Active detection of people in hazardous areas, such as near moving vehicles or industrial machinery, with the specific aim of increasing the level of accident prevention.

This entails the introduction of solutions that allow the man-machine anti-collision to be managed dynamically or to monitor access to all those industrial areas defined as high risk. In both cases a band of respect is defined, called "safety cloud" or "safety cloud", which allows to keep workers safe. The safety perimeter can be extended or reduced depending on the uses.


Localization by radio of objects, vehicles or machines (from a few centimeters to several hundred meters), verification of their status and possible management of feedback.

ITT Tracking & Sensing is a totally customizable solution that can be adapted to various needs: from access control to active monitoring of equipment, pallets, goods, vehicles, machinery or animals, within defined areas, whether indoor or outdoor.

It is the solution dedicated to Industry 4.0: integrating new production technologies, improving working conditions and increasing plant productivity and quality

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