The Lunch Room units, complete with hygienic services, derive from the experience gained in minig and tunneling both along the excavation and on TBM, where operators must be able to take advantage of protected places in order to eat meals and take breaks. In this regard we are able to offer both insertions of satndard units and special oversize units.
the rooms can be customized with:
pressurization for desert applications
extreme insulation for arctic areas
communication system
Air regeneration with proprietary Scrubber CO2 and CO system.
The units are self-pressurizing in the event of a temporary lack of air line with autonomy for several days.
It is also available with anti-splinter and bulletproof armor protection standards.
All functions such as air conditioning, air quality and pressurization are automatically managed by the PLC.
In case of emergency or breakdown they can be managed by means of simple procedures.  The toilets have a closed loop system in case of interruption of the discharge line.

Tipical Application:

  • Tunnel
  • Mine
  • Tropical
  • Arctic
  • Temporary or final installation
  • Construction sites


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