AT SERIES – Containerized Substation for Outdoor Installation

AT SERIESThe AT series Medium Voltage heavy-duty substation for outdoor installation is a free standing, containerised unit, specifically designed for job site electrification.

It is completely self contained and is easily movable. It can be lifted with the transformer fitted.

The substation is provided with MV switchboard, transformer and LV switchboard, designed to suit customer requirements.


The AT substation, which is painted both outside and inside is totally enclosed and is completely water proof for outdoor installation.

The structure is fully sealed with panels manufactured from 2.5 mm thick steel plate reinforced as appropriate.

The transformer is installed into a totally separate section accessible through independent outside end doors.
A removable roof section above the transformer allows lifting by crane if required.

Access to the LV switchboard panels is through personnel doors in the side of the container. All substation doors are mounted with inox steel hinges.

All bolts, screws and mechanical devices have anti-corrosion treatment.
All the internal equipment is provided with mechanical safety interlocks in order to avoid dangerous situations arising.


  • The substation is painted and finished to the following specification:
  • sandblasting of all surfaces
  • one coat rust-preventative epoxy type paint, 40 micron thick
  • two coats, air-dried epoxy enamel, 60 micron thick, colour standard RAL 1006 yellow
  • the roof and underside are covered by an additional coat of bituminous paint.
SIZE 1(L x D x H)mm4540 x 2400 x 2590
SIZE 2(L x D x H)mm6058 x 2400 x 2590
SIZE 3(L x D x H)mm7500 x 2400 x 2590
SIZE 4(L x D x H)mm9125 x 2400 x 2590
SIZE 5(L x D x H)mm12190 x 2400 x 2590
Rated system voltageKV12-24-36
Insulation level at 50 Hz for 60 secondsKV28-50-70
Impulse insulation levelKV60-125-170
Rated frequencyHz50-60
Rated secondary voltageVValue on request
HIghest capacity of transformerKVA4000
Auxiliary voltageVac/Vdc230 Vac/24-48 Vdc
Enclosure (with cabinet closed)IP549 - IPH6
Operating ambient temperature-10 / +40ºC
Humidity (non condensing)Rh 85%
TransformerMineral oil or cast resin dry-type

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