DESERT SERIES – Containerized Substation for Desert

DESERT MV SERIES Prefabricated Substation can be used to supply quick and reliable energy in places where energy is not very accessible. DESERT MV SERIES Prefabricated Substation is a self contained and completely integrated unit designed for a specific purpose. It complies with local regulations concerning weight and dimensions for transportability and services, and for all specified conditions in respect of climate and electricity demand.


The housing of the compact substation is a totally enclosed, metal clad and weatherproof container mainly constructed using steel frames and corrugated panels welded by CO2 shielded Arc welding.

The building is typically divided in three rooms for the medium voltage switchgear, the distribution transformer and the low voltage distribution board.

The transformer is located in the middle while the M.V. and the L.V. room are located at either end of the building adjacent to the corresponding bushing of the transformer.

The substation may be operated from the inside (walk in type – Accessibility type B). Prefabricated Compact Substation in accordance to IEC/EN 61330 is classified and type-tested with temperature class K20.

Two different cooling systems will be provided – one for the transformer room (Forced ventilation) and one for the H.V. and L.V. rooms (HVAC).

The Prefabricated Substation has IP54 protection, in accordance with EN 60529.

Overall Dimensions W x D x HISO standard 20-30-40' or tailor made upon request
Protection DegreeIP54-9
Substation typeWalk-in
Accessibility TypeB
Temperature ClassK20
Cooling SystemForced Ventilation (Transformer Room)
Air Conditioned (MV and LV Room)
Operating Temperature-5 ÷ +55ºC
Relative Humidity5 ÷ 95%
Installation1000 m. above sea level
Roof load withstand2500 N/m2
Withstand wind loads700 Pa
Withstand mechanical impacts20 J
Ice thickness10 mm
Rated System VoltageUp to 36kV
Rated Power InstalledUp to 4MVA

MV Room

This room can be equipped with wide varieties of MV switchgear. For voltages up to 36kV, the basic configuration is a SF6 insulated RMU which consists of two load break switches and one switch-fuse combination for transformer protection, all contained in a single sealed tank.

Transformer Room

This room is specifically designed to provide the transformer, oil immersed or cast resin type, with sufficient volume of airflow for cooling through adequately sized and professionally designed ventilation openings.

Low Voltage Room

This room houses the Low Voltage Distribution Board (LVDB), which is fed from the secondary side of the transformer. The LVDB can be designed in different arrangements and configurations in order to suit any specific application.

Standars Reference

The Prefabricated Compact Substations, Series AT-DSRT, are designed and type-tested in accordance with IEC/EN 61330 ( Standard for High-Voltage/Low-Voltage Prefabricated Substations)
Main components shall be type-tested in accordance with their individual standards:


IEC/EN 62271-200 High-voltage switchgear and controlgear Part 200: AC metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear for rated voltages above 1 kV and up to and including 52 kV


IEC/EN EN 60439: Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – Part 1: Type-tested and partially type-tested assemblies


IEC/EN EN 60076: Power transformers


ISO 830: Freight containers-terminology
ISO 668: Series 1 freight containers-classification, external dimensions and ratings
ISO 1496-1: Series 1 freight containers-specification and testing
ISO 3874: Series 1 freight containers handling and securing
IEC/EN 60529: Specification for degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code)

Compliance to other applicable Standards and European Council Directives will be indicated in the Declaration of Conformity draft in accordance to EN 45014 “General criteria for suppliers declaration of conformity”. Moreover WE Walter S.r. l. adopt a quality management system for engineering, construction and testing processes compliant with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000