OASIS SERIES – Multi-purpose Technological Shelter

Multi-Purpose Technological Shelter, OASIS series, has been developed particularly for desertic and tropical area.


The structure is totally enclosed, metal clad and weatherproof. It is mainly constructed using steel frames and corrugated panels welded by CO2 shielded Arc welding. All welds to the exterior, including the base frames, are continuous with full penetration. Metal sheet is welded to transverse and cross members. All openings are sealed with elastic sealing compound.

  • Base and Top Frame: The Base frame is fabricated from steel square tubes UNI 7809 treated for anti corrosion. Base – 150x100x4mm, Top – 150x50x4mm
  • Walls: The Side and End Walls are made using 2mm thickness anticorrosion treated, corrugated steel panels to FE-DD11-EN-10111
  • Roof and floor: The Roof is made with 3mm+1 thick anticorrosion treated, chequered steel plate to FEDD11- EN- 10111
  • General: All welding of structural members and panels will be by CO2 shielded Arc welding. All corner fittings are to ISO 1161 standard. Cable entry openings are provided suitably covered by undrilled cable gland plates rated to IP55. Opening frames are with H beam, HEA 100 profile UNI 5397, capable of supporting H.V. switchgears. Doors are fire rated (REI 120) load bearing doors fitted with anti-panic handle and door lock for any compartment. Doorpost, hinges and handles do not protrude from the housing profile. Suitable canopies are fitted above all doors to prevent water ingress while the doors are open.

Degree of protection

All Compact substations are protected to IP54 in accordance with EN60529 standards


Prefabricate Compact Substation housings are painted to a specification suitable for a desert environment:

  • sandblasting of the whole surface
  • a coat of rust-preventive, epoxy zinc primer type, thickness 60/70 micron
  • a coat of air-dry epoxy enamel, thickness 80 micron
  • double crossed coats of polyacrylic enamel with catalyst, thickness 50/60 micron
  • the bottom and the roof are sandblasted and covered by a coat of bituminous paint, thickness 100 micron

Cooling systems

The Multipurpose shelter is equipped with an air conditioning system providing both heating and cooling and maintaining a constant inner temperature of 25° during summer and 10° during winter. The system comprises two Units each single split type and 100% rated. One unit operates is in normal use. The second unit is stand by and, in case of failure, starts automatically and an alarm signal is activated. The Air Conditioning system is connected to the Fire Detection System; in case of fire the ventilation is stopped.

Fire detection system

The Multipurpose shelters are equipped with conventional fire detection system composed by:

  • A minimum of two (2) combined type smoke and heat detectors located at ceiling level in each zone.
  • One (1) Conventional Fire Detection Control Panel monitoring the detection and the alarms. The detection system will be controlled by 2 out of 2 voting logic. In case two detector are actuated the following operations will be automatically performed:
  • Optical and acoustic alarm inside and outside the PCS
  • Remote signalling through a volt-free contact wire
  • Shut-down of the ventilation systems and furthermore
  • Shut-down of the main power supply
  • Two (2) Optical and acoustic fire alarm panel
  • Fire Alarm Manual Push button (Glass Broken type)

Electrical system

The Multipurpose shelter is supplied together with its own electrical ancillary equipment completely wired and installed.

Lighting system

One (1) Fluorescent type lighting fixture for normal lighting, and one (1) fluorescent type lighting fixture with built-in Ni-Cd Battery (2 hours autonomy type) and battery charger as emergency lighting are supplied and installed inside the Multipurpose shelter. The power supply is derived from a lighting distribution panel, a lighting control switch. In addition an IP55 CE type 16A- 1ph+N+PE socket outlet is installed close to the access door.

Electrical Cables

The electrical cables are routed inside the Multipurpose shelter and are manufacture and installed in accordance to IEC Standards. Internal wiring are stranded copper, flame retardant, low smoke and toxic gas emission free (LSOH).

Grounding System

The Multipurpose shelter forms a complete metallic structure, bottom corners are equipped with M14 welded bolt suitable to be connected to site grounding system, as well as an internal suitably dimensioned grounding bus bar is provided.


The Multipurpose Housing is designed in accordance to the following Standards:

  • EN 60529 Specification for degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP code)
  • ISO 830 Freight containers-terminology
  • ISO 668 Series 1 freight containers-classification, external dimensions and ratings
  • ISO 1161 Series 1 freight containers-corner fittings-specification
  • ISO 1496-1 Series 1 freight containers-specification and testing
  • ISO 3874 Series 1 freight containers handling and securing

Compliance to other applicable Standards and European Council Directives is indicated in the Declaration of Conformity draft in accordance to EN 45014 “General criteria for suppliers declaration of conformity”. Moreover WE WALTER adopt a quality management system for engineering, construction and testing processes compliant with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000