Specifically designed and manufactured in order to provide a safe haven in the event of underground emergency to personnel working in Mines, Tunnels and on TBM.

WeWalter refuge chambers are made by strong steel continuously welded in order to provide robustness to the structure, equipped with lifting lugs to enable ease of transportation.

Mode of Operation

WeWalter refuge chambers are designed in order to work in different ways depending on the circumstances:

1. Stand By Mode

In this mode, no accident has occurred and the chamber is unoccupied but ready for immediate emergency use. No survival system is activated and the chamber is fully supplied.

2. Externally Supported Mode

During this mode the accident occurred but the unit is STILL SUPPLIED with compressed air and electrical power from external sources.

Air coming from compressors, installed in surface, keeps the unit pressurized and, passing through the three stages filtering system, becomes breathable for the occupancies.

At the meantime electrical power guarantees to keep the whole system inside working as if no accident occurred.

refuge chamber for tunnel

3. Stand Alone Mode

During this mode the accident occurred and the unit is NO LONGER SUPPLIED with compressed air and electrical power from external sources, the air regeneration system must be activated:

CO2 and CO absorption: Suitable pre-packed chemical absorbers have to be loaded and installed in order to restore correct values of CO2 and CO inside the chamber, the system is completely managed by PLC.

O2 supply: when the oxygen level is not sufficient, a fully automatic system starts flushing oxygen in the room in order to restore correct values.

Pressurization System by internal air cylinders: When external compressed air fails, the refuge can be maintained at positive pressure through internal air cylinders.This system is totally automatic and managed by PLC.

During this mode, a battery back-up system (UPS) capable of powering all internal supports (PLC, lighting, gas detection) is automatically activated.


Standard Features

  • O2, CO, CO2 monitoring system
  • Battery back-up system (UPS)
  • Air conditioning system
  • Manual fire extinguisher
  • Lifting lugs
  • Air tight door
  • Flashing light
  • Emergency siren
  • Information signs
  • Escape hatch

Special Features

  • Telephone
  • Special gas monitoring
  • Comfort seating
  • Air lock system
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • First aid kit
  • Chemical toilet
  • Drinking water and food
  • Special configuration (i.e. skid mounted, rail mounted, TBM mounted)

Dimension and Occupancy

From 6 to 30 person - from 4000 to 12000 (mm) lenght

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