WE Walter Srl is a system integrator of ABB and Kuka robotic systems.

By choice collaborates with only one industrial robot maker considered after careful consideration the most relevant to the philosophy of a system integrator who has always distinguished WE Walter.

Why a 'company should enter anthropomorphic robots in its production process?

  • State incentives: to interesting possibilities for tax relief access leading to a state law called 4.0 Industry
  • Production efficiency: infinite precision and repeatability of the movements of the robots ensures an absolute quality of each individual product piece
  • Programmability: each robot is programmable to carry an endless series of tasks and movements ensuring maximum manufacturing and operational flexibility robots never stop. h24 operate 365 days / year and it is sufficient a minimum telematics supervision to ensure the proper functioning
  • Production Continuity: are not subject to interruption of service.
  • Work Environment: robots operate in highly risky environments for machines and humans
  • Quality work: Robots improve working conditions for operators taking on the load of the toughest tasks, dangerous and repetitive.

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