We Walter srl, has specialized for over 40 years in the design and production of shelters, containers and cabinets equipped, pressurized, insulated and armored.
Complete units with transformation group; units are equipped with all the technical solutions for full operativity even in the most extreme conditions: desert, polar and tropical.

specific units are available for:

  • Lunch room plus toilet room
  • Pressurized solutions for storage in extreme environments: mines, desert amd tunnel
  • Armored, pressurized energy storage
  • Pressurized and armored sheltered generators

Shelter Dedicated to Photovoltaic Plants

PPS SERIES includes three different products typically designed for photovoltaic applications: Type PMS-ECO: walk in unit, extremely rugged, with external surface finish for integration into the environment, totally customizable. Type SIERRA: non walk in unit with reduced dimensions, useful for limited power installations. Type PMS-STD: walk in modular containerized structure useful for high power installations

OASIS SERIES – Multi-purpose Technological Shelter

Multi-Purpose Technological Shelter, OASIS series, has been developed particularly for desertic and tropical area. The structure is totally enclosed, metal clad and weatherproof. It is mainly constructed using steel frames and corrugated panels welded by CO2 shielded Arc welding. All welds to the exterior, including the base frames, are continuous with full penetration. Metal sheet is welded to transverse and cross members. All openings are sealed with elastic sealing compound.

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