Special Refuge Chambers for Robbins TBM in Chile


TBM Robbins

The two refuge chambers will be mounted on TBM Robbins, one of our most prestigious clients. Cabins have a pronounced curve on one side to fit the small diameter of this TBM. Here are some pictures of the cabins in our workshop.


Hydroelectric Project Los Cóndores

In the upper basin of the Maule River in the Maule Region cordillera, Endesa Chile is building the Los Cóndores Hydroelectric Plant, an energy initiative that coexists with the mighty rocks of the Andes and the majestic flight of the Condors giving the name to this plant. The river that flows out of the Maule Lagoon shall bring the powerful generation equipment to life, capable of generating 150 MW.

The project will be located in the upper Maule River basin, specifically in the San Clemente district, Talca Province, Maule Region.

  • Approximate installed power: 150 MW
  • Annual average power: 630 GWh
  • Plant Factor: 48%
  • Maximum flow verified: 28 m3/s
  • Deadlines: Start of commercial operation 2018.

Los Condores Map

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