Construction sites associated with infrastructure, railway works, large-scale construction, roads and access roads present unique challenges. These include factors like geographical locations, machinery spaces, as well as special tasks and conditions, such as working at heights, excavation, noise, dust, and the use of power tools and equipment. To meet the needs for transport and operational flexibility in these areas, stable structures have been replaced by shelters and containers.

Construction activities have significantly risen in developing countries, but due to their inherent risks, work-related accidents have also seen a corresponding increase. More often, people are exposed to the risk of falling, being struck by objects or crushed by heavy materials and machinery. Ensuring safety on construction sites is crucial.

WE Walter specialises in manufacturing engineered, protected, armoured, pressurised mobile units designed to withstand the geographical and operational conditions of these sites. These include self-supporting, containerised substations for outdoor installations, specifically designed for electrification purposes. All these solutions can be transported and installed anywhere.

WE Walter is also deeply committed to accident prevention and to safeguarding human life in all contexts. To address this commitment, it has developed advanced systems for localising and interacting with people at work, ensuring immediate intervention in critical situations. These systems include features such as alerting operators driving a vehicle about the presence of other personnel and protecting people from dangerous situations or the risk of collision.


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