Shelters & E-Houses


The shelters and e-houses are customised, prefabricated structures designed to store different types of equipment and machinery. These structures serve to provide either a complete turnkey system or a part of it, i.e. only requiring installation and connection to become operational. The global market is increasingly embracing this modular solution that can be adapted to diverse needs. We can build a shelter based on customer specifications and deliver it anywhere in the world.
Main features:
  • Custom dimensions
  • ISO transportable dimensions
  • Pressurised: suitable for installation in classified areas.
  • Insulated
  • Modular units that can be coupled together
  • For both fixed and temporary installations
  • In-house testing
Suitable for installation in various environments, including:
  • Desert
  • Tropical
  • Arctic
  • Maritime
  • Offshore
Custom plants
  • lighting
  • HVAC
  • intrusion detection
  • fire detection
  • fire extinguishing
  • pressurisation

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